‘Through E-commerce, my work translates into other people's lives, and I can see how my ideas have an impact on a website that is viewed by millions.’
Alberta Christodoulaki is an E-commerce Content Specialist. It is Alberta’s goal to utilize the e-commerce platform to inspire consumer connection through storytelling for the PVH brands through analytics and data-driven innovations.

Alberta’s team is responsible for managing the European owned-and-operated tommy.com and calvinklein.com sites across all European markets and operates all necessary functions to manage the E-com business end-to-end. This includes working on better integration, technology, services and digital tools to continuously make the selling experience better for our users.

Alberta Christodoulaki
‘We develop strategies for all campaigns that go live on the website. We think from the business side of what we want to show consumers, how we want to inspire them, and what message we want to convey. It’s finding the balance between the brand and the consumer.’
‘Fashion is reflected in every culture, every place in the world. Our team works with technology,  data and content that makes a global impact and we can actually see the trends evolving. That's something I really like about working in E-commerce.’
Leaders in Fashion technology

At PVH, we are fundamentally changing collection access & buying experiences across all touch points. Our team is obsessed with everything digital, focusing on creating the future reality of 3D design, digital products, and digital environments of the future. VH offers the unique opportunity to be on the forefront of new market exploration and innovative technologies. 

‘Technology is definitely something we incorporate within our environment because we know that's where the consumer is going. We always try to find new ways of doing things. I work with a digital marketing team on live selling or driving new content with AR filters and working on the metaverse.’


In Omnichannel we strive to inspire our brands to dream big and shift the way our communities engage with fashion toward a digital-first mindset. One of the key pillars of E-com is to create a more data-driven decision making culture within the team and there is a high focus within PVH to support this growth. 

‘Through data metrics, we see what the consumer really wants to consume and we develop our pages accordingly. Something we really focus on is mobile because we know that more than 80% of users are actually on mobile. We’ve had the traditional way of thinking when we lay out a page like the desktop version but actually, the mobile is more interesting for the consumer. So, we shifted our mindset to develop the ideal mobile design versus desktop.’

Entrepreneurial Spirit

At PVH, we do not limit ourselves by current working methods – we are blue sky thinkers converting our aspirations into reality. PVH encourages team members to develop new ideas, suggest new ways of doing things and find out what works. 

‘PVH is an established brand, but it has an entrepreneurial spirit which is something I didn't expect. For example, when I joined the E-com content team, there wasn't really an established way of measuring weekly performance or prioritizing metrics. I suggested we measure them as KPIs. I was able to bring my idea to the team and establish it as our normal process. I found that really exciting for my development.’

‘The PVH culture is definitely something that everybody feels and it creates a sense of belonging.’
Investing in culture

At PVH, we understand that the success of our organization is directly related to our hardworking and dedicated associates who contribute their time and talents to help make our company the success it is. 

‘I think the company, as an organization, does things to make you feel appreciated. I really like that because it shows the effort of the organization. And when it comes to the people, there's a good culture and the recruitment keeps bringing more of the same culturally minded people.’

Team PVH

We are passionate about bringing together people who are not only talented but who embrace different perspectives and backgrounds. At PVH, we benefit from the diverse strengths that each of us bring to the workplace and collectively engage the power of our talented people to win as a leader in the fashion industry.

‘I love my role and couldn't imagine doing something else. But what really makes me like what I do is my colleagues. They bring energy to my day to day tasks, year to year. I know that I can count on them. If I have a challenge or want to ask questions, I know that I have people backing me up.’


​​​​​​​Whether it’s E-commerce or Digital Selling, our Omnichannel teams at PVH Europe embrace a digital-first mindset, making sure our customer experience and products align in all channels we operate in.

I think everybody's on the same wavelength. They really care about the work and they really want to collaborate. And, what I find really compelling about PVH is the collaboration between different teams, even different markets like the US team or the APAC team. Teams work together to push forward a huge project. Meeting timelines we thought we would never be able to make but then we do it. Everybody has their little impact, and we build something really big.’