Diaz Colin Soeria,
Tommy Jeans Lab Intern
When I was 3 years old I moved with my family to Suriname, Latin America, where I started my early school years. After a few years I moved to Aruba and subsequently to Curacao (Caribbean region). Which led me to develop a strong connection with nature, different cultures and music. in 2020 at the age of 17 years, I started with a Fashion & Design education in Amsterdam. During my first year there, I founded my own Creative studio, Discrepancy. The mission of Discrepancy is to connect with the young generation (generation Z) and emphasize on artistic freedom, giving young talent a platform not only through designs, but also by supporting and collaborating with music talents and other young creatives. Besides my growing love for fashion design, I started to direct music videos and produce music since 2021.
My team brings together our exceptional workforce
The TJ LAB team is responsible for creating hype and collaborating with brands plays a crucial role in driving the company's success. Focused on generating excitement, anticipation, and buzz around the company's products, launches, and collaborations. Their primary objectives include building brand awareness, fostering brand loyalty, and maximizing sales through strategic collaborations and collections. As an intern I helped where needed during the entire process.
What does a typical day
look like?
In the morning, I would either set up my workplace or get coffee with colleagues when I am in the office. Soon after, we would have team meetings or meetings related to projects. Behind the scenes, you had to constantly reprioritize different tasks at a time. So some days, it would be slower and other days it could be quite hectic to go through. At lunchtime, we would either go to the Deli or to the restaurant and enjoy some quality time with the team or the interns. After lunch, I usually had meetings related to ongoing projects or had the time to work on those projects.
An atmosphere I missed when I was working at home
During my internship, I had the privilege of collaborating with many different individuals. Without a doubt, it was my team that truly took my internship experience to the next level. The synergy within my team was one of the driving forces of my journey. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I looked forward to stepping into the office, engaging, and interacting with my team members. The joy and laughter that was in the workplace whenever we were together created an atmosphere that I missed when I was working remotely. Whenever I worked on a project, the team would support me, give me feedback, and make sure that I am on the road to succeed.
Favorite Event
It is so hard to choose just one event when we had the chance to join many! My favorite would be the Fashion Frontier Challenge. We got to see amazing presentations live, had a chance to vote for the winners, and saw Tommy Hilfiger! This was 2-3 weeks after we started the internship. I thought it was unbelievable that we got seats to this special event with other interns. From that moment, I knew I was in for a ride!

Favorite Campus Spot

I LOVE the Bel Bar. You get to interact with colleagues while watching the beautiful view Amsterdam has to offer. Whether it be Thursday drinks at the office or just a morning coffee run with the team, meeting with the interns, the Bel bar has my heart.
Biggest learning
Embarking on my journey at PVH has been an incredible experience that has left me with many valuable lessons. Among the many insights I've gained, one lesson that stands out to me is: the power of networking. Within the dynamic environment of PVH, I quickly discovered that my ambitions were not only recognized but also nurtured by my team and managers. From mastering the art of e-mails to taking on impactful projects, I was given a lot of opportunities to take ownership and showcase my abilities. The remarkable support and encouragement I received from my colleagues reinforced the belief that when you demonstrate your drive and determination to those around you, their support becomes the catalyst for your success. This invaluable experience has not only propelled my personal growth but has also paved the way for a promising future career.