Çagla Pars,
​​​​​​​3D Experiences and Initiatives Intern.
I joined the PVH Early Talent Program as a second year Communication Science student from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam! I moved to Amsterdam from Istanbul, Turkey about 2 years ago and have been living in this beautiful city ever since. At just 20 years old, I was lucky enough to find housing, a great housemate, and an adorable cat to come home to every night. I am deeply passionate about living in the moment! I know it is not the most original passion, but I do take it very seriously. I love running in my free time and really hope to be prepared enough to run the Amsterdam Marathon this year.
Fashion experiences that involve the most innovative technologies.
At PVH, I worked as the 3D Experiences and Initiatives Intern which is part of the wider Digital Product Team. The title may sound long and scary – but it has the coolest internship description that I have seen. 3D Experiences is exactly what it sounds like: fashion experiences that involve the newest and most innovative technologies. Our team owns every project that scopes 3D design implementation, generative AI, Web3, Metaverse, AR/VR, NFT and anything related to digital!
What does a typical day
look like?
A typical day in the life of a 3D experience intern can have so much variation from day to day. Depending on how far into the fashion season we are, there are a few important tasks to be completed on a regular basis. Mainly, it is significant to be on top of the latest updates on project management sites that the team uses. Since there are multiple projects ongoing simultaneously, each and every detail for a project to come to life should monitored closely and updated as needed. Additionally, as the intern I oversaw sending meeting recaps for all the meetings that included external vendors, feedback for projects and team meeting updates. Paired with unique tasks that arise throughout the day, it is never a dull moment in the 3DX department!
The support and guidance
I felt was simply overwhelming.
I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a team of exceptional individuals both professional and interpersonal. The amount of support and guidance I felt from day 1 was simply overwhelming. They all come from different backgrounds within the fashion industry and came together to form a dream team! With every team member’s unique perspective, input, and insight I have been able to grow in multiple areas at the same time. Getting started and advancing in 3D Desing platforms Browzwear and Clo3D and even get my license for Browzwear University to pursue my passion for 3D even further. Additionally, the amazing team collaboration I have witnessed within the 3D team and the Digital Product team has led me to apply and get in to ‘Managing Digital Innovation’ minor next year in my university.
Favorite event.
Throughout our internship we had the privilege to be a part of various activities. Out of all the experiences I’ve had both with and without my team, my favorite event was the ones we did externally with our team! These events led to even tighter bonds within the team and unforgettable memories with the people we love the most!

Favorite campus spot.

My favorite spot-on campus is the 7th and 8th floor Calvin Klein showrooms. With the clean aesthetic and mesmerizing designs, the Calvin Klein showroom space is one of the most peaceful spaces on campus! And you can use our 3D activations there!
Biggest learning.
My biggest learning from this internship is that you don’t need something to go wrong before you improve. I have witnessed this repeatedly with both the 3DX and the Digital Product team where every member is constantly trying to achieve the best of the best in the projects they are overseeing. Improvement doesn’t have to come from mistakes, the need to improve is something that comes internally from the person and it is most effective when you are surrounded by like-minded people!
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