Anna Lena Schnieders,
Fashion Design & Fabric Intern
My name is Anna Lena, and I joined PVH’s Early Talent Program as a fashion design intern. I graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in Fashion & Design in 2021. Since then, I have worked for the Online Retailer About You, in styling and content creation. I chose this internship because I wanted to return to fashion design, which is my true passion. Before this internship I gained experience in trend-forecasting and concept design at de Bijenkorf (Selfridges Group), in design & tailoring at Ronald van der Kemp (Dutch sustainable couture designer) and in design-focused market entry strategies for the APAC region (also at RVDK). Next to working in fashion I have a passion for people, which is why I study psychology on the side.
Doing an internship in two
different teams.
I had an internship with the Fabric Team & Advanced Concept, as well as the Tommy Hilfiger Mainline Womenswear Design Team. The Fabric Team researches, sources and develops woven fabrics for all Tommy Hilfiger divisions, acting as a bridge between fabric suppliers and the design teams. It is our responsibility as the Fabric Team to ensure that amazing materials, which form the creative and innovative base for every season's collection, are presented to the design teams. My role was to support the women's and men's division.

​​​​​​​With the Tommy Hilfiger Womenswear Mainline Design Team, I supported all product categories, aligning closely with the fashion calendar. The team creates each upcoming collection from concept to finished product, involving tasks such as the design brief, sketches, mood boards, sampling, and reviews. Designers collaborate with Merchandise and Product Development, adapting designs based on fitting and review feedback. This recurring process, involving various teams, culminates in the "salesman sample" (SMS) which is presented to buyers during market launch. This cycle repeats with every collection. My main task was collaborating with the many different stakeholders throughout the whole process depending on the collection phase.
What does a typical day
look like?
My tasks ranged from making moodboards and doing creative research, to sketching technical drawings and color-ups in Adobe Illustrator, to creating overviews in Miro or on (digital) foamboards, assisting with fittings to preparing for presentations. During my time at PVH I took 3D design classes, which was particularly exciting. A typical day in my internship in the fabric team usually consisted of a supplier meeting. This is where representatives of a fabric mill or fabric agents visit our office to present their fabric collection to us. Together with my colleagues I would then select fabrics based on the design brief and costing information for the respective Tommy Hilfiger division. Also, we look for innovative and sustainable fabrics that match our brand. At the same time, we needed to consider PVH's testing and quality standards. Next, I would spend some time compiling fabric presentations for the design team (e.g., creating a fabric board). In the afternoon we usually attended relevant design meetings, such as prototype reviews, and provided all fabric-related information in these meetings.
Working with incredibly experienced people who have worked in the industry for decades.
The team made my PVH experience so special! I had the honor to work with incredibly experienced people who have worked in the industry for decades. They know this company inside and out. This provided me with lots of insights and invaluable learning experiences. I found excellent mentorship here, which I am looking forward to maintaining, even after this internship is over.
Favorite campus spot.
I absolutely love the campus, and especially lunches, coffees or drinks with my colleagues at People’s Place and the Bel Bar. Those are amazing places to socialize and gather with your team.
Biggest learning.
Having assisted in three different teams during my internship, I gained a broad perspective on Tommy Hilfiger as a brand and its design signature. I understood the value of an aligned vision and effective communication, e.g., between the divisions and diverse stakeholders. My internship made me internalize the fashion calendar and understand the fashion design process. Starting in the Fabric Team and finishing my internship in the design department, I gained experience bringing creative concepts to life. Most importantly, my internship taught me that great mentorship is invaluable. During my internship I learned from people who have spent decades working in the industry. I was given lots of opportunities to take ownership and showcase my abilities. This made me grow immensely – personally and professionally. Furthermore, the 3D Design courses offered at PVH were a fantastic opportunity to grow my skillset.
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