Rakshitha Vijay Kumar,
Supply Chain Data Science & Analytics Intern
My name is Rakshitha Vijay Kumar, and I am an international student at the University of Twente earning a master’s degree in computer science with a keen focus on Data Science. Beyond my academic pursuits, I have discovered a deep enthusiasm for cooking. Preparing delicious food in diverse cuisines is a way for me to express creativity and share delightful experiences with others. I enjoy experimenting with diverse recipes and invite my friends to sample my culinary creations, even though some of them may not always turn out perfect. Nevertheless, my friends are always eager to come over whenever I invite them, so I presume my cooking is relatively decent. Additionally, I find immense joy in connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, as it enriches my perspective on life and broadens my understanding of the world.
Harnass the power of data-driven insights
and machine learning based solutions.
I was a member of the Supply Chain Data Science and Analytics team, where I worked as a data science intern. The team's primary focus is to support the digitalization strategy and operational planning within the supply chain domain. The team is responsible for developing and maintaining data products that provide decision support for various operational processes, such as implementing algorithms like demand-to-supply match, container consolidation and intake optimization. During my internship, I actively contributed to the Digital SCIN project, specifically working on the DN (Delivery node) engine under the supervision of Gabriela Muro Arena. Our team's broader objective is to harness the power of data-driven insights and machine learning-based solutions to enhance visibility and automation throughout the supply chain process.
What does a typical day
look like?
On a regular day, my routine began with a morning check-in with my mentor. During this meeting, I update her on my planned tasks for the day, report the progress made so far, and discuss any specific goals. Throughout the day, I actively work on the project, seeking clarification from my team members if needed. After lunch, I dedicate half an hour to reading up on the latest prototypes and innovations in supply chain operations. Additionally, I use Tableau to create visualization dashboards that enhance my understanding of the model, identify areas for improvement, and highlight instances and parameters that may be suitable.
My team members consistently encouraged me to develop and share my ideas.
During my internship, I had the privilege of working closely with two remarkable individuals. They consistently encouraged me to develop and share my ideas. They were always ready with a pen and paper, ever willing to provide detailed explanations or jump on a call to clarify any confusions I had. Moreover, they respected my autonomy, allowing me time to work on tasks independently while remaining receptive to any input I offered. Then there was my team lead, he was incredibly responsive whenever I needed answers or guidance, making sure I never felt hesitant to reach out. Notably, he had a wonderful way of starting our weekly meetings, by asking about our weekends and engaging in friendly conversation that made Mondays more enjoyable. Together, the entire team exuded inspiration and fostered a fun-filled work environment that I cherished being a part of.
Favorite event.
An event that brought immense enjoyment was the captivating talk by our PVH europe CEO Martijn Hagman and SVP HR Analia Mac Laughlin. With their vast years of experience, they shared significant words of wisdom and insights. Their individual stories and unique perspectives on various matters which was both intriguing and surprisingly relatable.

Favorite campus spot.
My favorite spot on campus is the Hudson restaurant. Every month, on the 3rd Thursday, the Supply Chain Ops department gathers there for drinks for a relaxing evening. It's a wonderful time when we come together to play pool, drink a few beers, and unwind from our work routines. During the summer months, the experience becomes even more special. We find ourselves sitting on the stairs outside, surrounded by the sight of the water and the setting sun which creates a tranquil and serene atmosphere that I'll forever hold in my heart. Sharing food and engaging in meaningful conversations in the peaceful ambiance of that moment is etched in my memory.
Biggest learning.
The most significant lesson I gained from my internship experience is the importance of asking questions whenever I encountered something I didn't understand. Additionally, one aspect I focused on improving was the way I explained my work to others. Thanks to my mentor's encouragement, I learned to slow down and take the necessary time to ensure a comprehensive explanation, making sure everyone involved was on the same page. During the internship, I also had the opportunity to work with a new visualization tool which was an enriching experience.
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