Sam de Roode,
Merchandising Planning Intern
I’m Sam, from a small village close to The Hague and Delft. I studied International Business with a specialization in Organization and Change, at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. I started my studies as a clueless 17-year-old, not knowing what career path I wanted. Over the years, my interests in fashion and numbers have grown, to the point where I had two internships in the fashion industry, while having a part-time job in a clothing store. Therefore, when I got the opportunity to intern at PVH within the Tommy Hilfiger Full-Price Merchandise Planning team, it was a perfect match!
Responsible for the planning of budgets,
options, and strategies of the
Tommy Hilfiger retail stores in Europe.
The Full-Price Merchandise Planning Team is responsible for the planning of budgets, options, and strategies of the Tommy Hilfiger retail stores in Europe. Each season, we create a strategy based on looking at the performance of the previous season. Then we plan the necessary budgets and options for each store, followed by the assortment reviews where the markets come to Amsterdam to create the new assortment. After the assortment review we analyze the data from the markets, and the whole process starts again. During the internship, I had the opportunity to write my thesis about the Never Out of Stock replenishment processes of each European management region. Additionally, I supported my team throughout the whole planning process.
What does a typical day
look like?
Since I live quite far from Amsterdam, my days start early to travel to the office. After I arrived around 08.45, I get my daily dose of caffeine, by getting a coffee and having a chat with my colleagues. Next up, I check my email and start my workday, while making sure that during the day everyone laughs, and we make enough jokes around each other. Around 17.15 it’s time to wrap-up and go home, eat and go to the gym to end the day.
Always open and 'gezellig', while guiding me.
The people that I have worked with are the Full-Price Merchandise Planning team for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. They were the best to work with! They were always open to help or explain anything to me and made me feel part of the team. These two teams were always willing and “gezellig”, while guiding me through the past six months. The other colleagues that I interviewed for my thesis took their time for me and were open to answering any questions. Thus, overall, each person that I worked with during the internship guided and helped me in the best way possible!
Favorite event.
An event that I liked was the super social, where you got the chance to meet and talk to other people within PVH. Also, it serves as a good team bonding activity, since you are enjoying a drink and music, while having fun non-work-related conversations to get to know each other more.

Favorite campus spot.
My favorite spot on the campus is the Bel Bar, because it is the perfect place to chill or get away from your desk, while enjoying good coffee. It is also perfect for weekly catchups with your manager since you’re in a comfortable non-office environment.
Biggest learning.
It is hard to choose one biggest learning, since I have learned so much in the past 6 months. As an example, I learned how to be efficient, flexible, ask questions, present, and much more. During the internship I have learned many things about the work that is performed by my team, but also on how it is important to be flexible when deadlines are pushed around, and how to make sure that what you deliver is credible. Also, I have learned that it is important to be open to your colleagues to bond and feel valued. All these learnings were not possible without the guidance of my colleagues!
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