Our various paid internship programs are a fantastic learning and practical development opportunity.
Interns learn from and network with company leaders from a wide range of business functions, including marketing, design, merchandising, technology, and finance, all while providing the opportunity to build professional and personal relationships that can help you design your future.


“As a PVH intern, I felt truly valued and supported by my department and the company as a whole. I was treated as an associate and worked on real projects that were challenging, educational, and exciting. The intern program is well-organized and designed for you to excel professionally, both as an intern and in the future.”
MEGAN LOMUTO Planning Intern for The Underwear Group, Lehigh University
"I had so much fun working at such a global company like PVH, and I loved going to work every day because I was surrounded by other interns, associates, and passionate people who empowered me to be my best self."
Michael Crawbuck Licensing Intern, New York University
"Interning at PVH has provided me with such a unique, unforgettable experience. I was challenged, gained professional exposure, and felt valued; truly preparing me for the future of the retail industry."
Alix Thomas Visual Merchandising Intern for Calvin Klein, Hampton University
“As an intern you are surrounded by people who are dedicated to your success. Through this program, I am glad to have gotten to know people who encouraged me to grow and challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone. I will always be grateful for both my time at PVH and the people that I have met along the way.”
Christina aguirre Global Talent Acquisition, Fordham University
“The company culture is both supportive and engaging. PVH provides so many benefits that it’s clear the company really values its associates. My entire team has also been so supportive of my role and given me such great feedback.”
Madison Lee Communications Intern, University of Delaware