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​​​​​​​“Being creative doesn’t mean being able to draw; it can be anything that is bringing something to the table.” 
Combining an eye for fashion and a head for numbers, Menswear Merchandiser Hugo knows how to spot trends, compile input and turn it all into collections that sell. He loves bringing it all together and being responsible for building our collections. How are you when it comes to discovering the latest trends and revealing growth opportunities? Want to show us what you can bring to the Tommy Hilfiger table?
“If I want something, I go for it and figure out how to get there as I move along. I never wait for someone to lead the way.” 

Over the years Mr. Tommy Hilfiger has broken conventions and overcome challenges, never giving up on his dream to build a global lifestyle brand. We look for the same passion in our talent – motivated self-starters who know dream jobs don’t just happen; they’re created! Show us what your dream job looks like.


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